Goldens' Cast Iron Kamado Grill with Trex and Casters

20.5″ Cooker & Cart w/Trex® Shelving

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Goldens’ Cast Iron offers a superior 20.5″ kamado grill with Trex®️ Composite Shelving and a full 20.5″ cooking area, constructed of high-quality, durable American-made cast iron that last generations! See features below!


Superior construction, Increased Durability, All-Weather High-Temperature Powder Coat Finish, Integrated Hinge, Single-Piece Cast Iron Firebox, Cast Iron Searing Plate, Two Tiered Cast Iron Grates, Thermometer ±1% Accuracy, Dual-Disc Cast Iron Top Vent, Stainless steel intake. Heavy Duty Cart, Cast Iron Wheels, Solid Wood Handle and more! The divider plate , searing plate and grate lifting tool, are sold separately.


Cooker and Cart Specs:

  • Length (Depth) – 29.75″
  • Width (Including Tables) – 66″
  • Height – 47″
  • Weight – 460 LBS

Cooker dimensions without cart:

  • Width – 22.5″ (outer width), 20.5″ (inner width)
  • Height – 30.25″
  • Depth – 29.75″
  • Weight – 334 LBS

Downloads:   User Manual and Quick Start Guide  Brochure

Made in the USA at our foundry and machine shops in Columbus and Cordele, Georgia.


What comes with the cooker? Cart and shelving, two grates, and quality, ‎heavy duty industrial ‎swivel casters. The divider plate , searing plate and grate lifting tool, is sold separately.

  • Popular! High demand!
  • Ships 20 business days from order.


Shipping from our foundry is 10-15 business days from the day of order.

NOTE: when placing your order, be sure to include complete shipping address and phone number to assure accurate and prompt delivery.

All sales subject to appropriate sales tax. Once your cooker has been delivered, inspect it upon receipt. Your Cooker will ship in a Goldens’ Cast Iron box on a pallet. Do not accept delivery if your order is not in a box and/or if you see any damage on the exterior of the cooker.

Why cast iron over ceramic?

Why is our cast iron kamado superior to ceramic? Read on.

Cooking with cast iron offers advantages over alternative ceramic kamados, such as increased durability and less moving parts. Additionally, cast iron’s radiant and thermal properties provide even heating and precise temperature control.

We offer superior construction, Increased Durability, All-Weather High-Temperature Powder Coat Finish, Integrated Hinge, Single-Piece Cast Iron Firebox, Cast Iron Searing Plate, Two Tiered Cast Iron Grates, Thermometer ±1% Accuracy, Dual-Disc Cast Iron Top Vent, Stainless steel intake. Heavy Duty Cart, Cast Iron Wheels, Solid Wood Handle and more!

You may have noticed that ceramic kamados are “sold out” these days. Most import their ceramic from China and or Mexico, and that has proven difficult as foreign supply chains have been disrupted recently.

So why wait for “out of stock” ceramic kamados because fragile, foreign made ceramic parts are hard to come by these days? Shop our quality, genuine, American made Goldens’ Cast Iron kamados. They’re always in stock, because they’re built in America with materials made in America. Cookers come fully assembled and delivered right to your backyard, ready to grill! Plus they last for generations. Buy Goldens’ Cast Iron. Pouring iron since 1882.

Cooker Features Indepth

Superior construction, Increased Durability, All-Weather High-Temperature Powder Coat Finish, Integrated Hinge, Single-Piece Cast Iron Firebox, Cast Iron Searing Plate, Two Tiered Cast Iron Grates, Thermometer ±1% Accuracy, Dual-Disc Cast Iron Top Vent, Stainless steel intake. Heavy Duty Cart, Cast Iron Wheels, Solid Wood Handle and more!

Goldens' Cast Iron Kamado Grill

Superior Construction:

American-made by the same complex process used to build massive industrial cast iron parts for national and international companies. We have nearly 140 years experience.

Increased Durability:

Cast iron provides the highest levels of crack and shock resistance.

Superior Cooking Material:

Cast iron’s radiant and thermal properties provide even heating and precise temperature control. Everyone knows nothing tastes as good as food cooked in grandma’s cast iron skillet.

All-Weather High-Temperature Powder Coat Finish:

Weather resistant thermoset powder coat finish. Prevents rusting and weathering effects.

Integrated Hinge:

Precision hinge mechanism ensures top and bottom alignment. Precision cast integrated hinge offers bandless design, closing on a single axle for a perfect seal every time. Other cookers require band and hinge maintenance over time to correct lid misalignment.

Dual-Disc Cast:

Iron Top Vent Offers accurate temperature control – low and slow or sear.

Stainless Steel Intake:

Allows accurate temperature control. Makes ash removal and clean up easy.


Stainless steel full temp range thermometer ±1% accuracy.

Single-Piece Firebox:

The more pieces you have, the more problems you have. Our firebox is one piece, solid iron. Strong. Stable. Durable.

Trex® Composite Shelving:

Weather-resistant shelves are perfect for food prep. Eco-friendly blend of 95% recycled wood and plastic film. Stain resistant and durable.

Cast Iron Grates:

Variable height grates heat up quicker and retain heat better.

Two Tiered Cooking:

Reversible cast iron half grates give you the ability to choose both the distance to the fire as well as the width of the cooking surface. In the lower position, the grates provide a wide cooking surface for beautiful grill marks with each sear. The upper position is ideal for smoking and grilling. The purchase of two additional grates adds a tiered-cooking option to your Cooker – perfect for smoking multiple racks of ribs at a time!

Searing Plate:

Used as a flat grilling and searing surface or as a heat deflector for smoking.

Cast Iron Divider Plate:

Offers a variety of cooking configurations by separating your fuel on one side or the other to allow the control of heat to sections of food being grilled.

Heavy Duty Cart:

Very strong and durable steel stand, wielded for strength and portability.

Cast Iron Wheels:

Sturdy cast iron construction provides support and easy maneuvering.


14 reviews for Cooker and Cart (20.5″) w/Trex® Composite Shelving

  1. Robert Hossley (verified owner)

    I have the 20″ Kamado grill with table and have had for over a year now. I love the grill (built like a tank ) Very heavy but still easy to move with the nice big cast iron wheels. I had an issue with the temp gauge and they took care of it very quickly. Great customer service and great people. I have a lot of experience with different ceramic grills. This one cooks very similar but is built to last more then a life time. Rust is not an issue . When i got it i seasoned by wiping inside of grill with oil and cooking surfaces ran it at 300 degrees for several hours. I did this twice and have not have any rust problems what so ever . Side note get the divider plate it really expands ways to cook. It does seem to use a more charcoal then my large green egg ( i would say may be 20%) but the grill is also larger than a large green egg and will cook two large turkeys easily.

  2. Alan Rippee (verified owner)

    Bought one this fall, cooking on it now. Great product.

  3. Aron Souders (verified owner)

    Mine is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I can not wait.

  4. Pete Mitchum (verified owner)

    I’ve got mine ordered…can’t wait to get cooking! Great customer support from the Sales Team!

  5. Will Varner (verified owner)

    Great products! Great people!!

  6. Bart Shelton (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Goldens’ Cast Iron cooker for almost 4 years now and it is Great! It is capable of cooking at nearly any temperature at which food is cooked while also being able to consistently hold a constant temperature. It’s efficient with your charcoal for those long cooks. Because it is heavy and well sealed it is much less likely to dry out your food. The durability can’t be beat. Unless you use your cooker for heavy target practice you will still have a strong and capable device providing delicious food for generations to come. You can certainly spend more to cook outdoors but you will not get more in terms of capability, durability, and flavor than the Goldens Cast Iron Cooker. I’m not being compensated to say these things, I just really like this All-American, Made in Georgia grill that has helped me provide delicious food for family and friends. I have even been able to successfully cook items that I would never try with other grills. Don’t merely take my word for it. When you are ready for some goodness find your local dealer and prepare to elevate your grilling to levels that you never thought possible. Join me and countless others in this new Iron Age made possible by the good folks of Goldens’ Cast Iron!

  7. Skip Fristoe (verified owner)

    I have a BGE and a Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker. The finished product (i.e., the meat you’re cooking) is similar, but the BGE can’t take the heat cycles. I have replaced the ceramic interior parts way, way, way too often. The Cast Iron cooker is hands down the way to go. Mine has sat on the deck uncovered and has had no problems at all. The outer is powder coated (I think) and the interior is so seasoned by the fat from the meat cooked on it that I would describe it as being like your favorite Lodge Cast Iron pan. If treated well it will last many generations and cooks beautifully!

  8. Cameron Richard Cuskey (verified owner)

    I did steak and chicken last night. Sear plate gives the best crust on a steak! They were amazing. Thanks Goldens for making a kick ass grill!!

  9. David Cannon (verified owner)

    Just bought one, should be here in about 10 days. Can’t wait to break it in. Had a green egg for 25 years. Left it with the house we sold. Was going with a Kamado Joe until I came across the Goldens cast iron. Was impressed right away and made in my home state. But more importantly made in America.

  10. Aron Souders (verified owner)

    This grill is amazing. Holds temps great.

  11. Steve Weidner (verified owner)

    Best grill I’ve ever had!

  12. Zach Gander

    I received mine last Tuesday and did a chicken for my first cook on Friday. It was amazing!

  13. Rick Worthen

    We just got ours, this thing is awesome. I did pork chops on the sear plate and they were the best chops I’ve ever had, bar none. They had a golden brown crisp outside and a juiciness to them that is beyond belief. Thanks Goldens, I love it.

  14. Ken Broda

    I have used a box grill from another Columbus, GA company for decades and it worked fine. Since I have had the Golden’s grill, I have not used the box grill. The Golden’s grill performs better in temperature control, amount of charcoal used, reuse of charcoal, and flavor. I imagine the Golden’s grill will be more durable as well. I was worried about the size of the grill, but I can actually cook more Boston Butts on the Golden’s grill because I use the searing plate as a heat deflector.

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Professional Reviews

We are honored that ABC News would select Goldens’ Cast Iron as part of their news series, “Made in America”. On behalf of all of our hard working employees, we extend humble thanks to David Muir and the ABC News Team.

“Cast iron is the holy grail material of cooking—it has the highest crack and shock resistance, optimal properties for even heating, but most importantly, creates the perfect, indefinable home-cooked flavor. Complete with multi-level racks, searing plate, stainless steel intake and weather-proofing, this grill is the ultimate multitasker.” – South Magazine

“From my first cook, the Golden’s cast iron kamado has blown me away with its ease of use and ability to maintain temperature. I proudly recommend this to anyone in the market for an outside grill. It will truly last my family for generations to come.”

– Executive Chef Matthew Statham, 2019 World Food Championships Chef Champion of Saw’s Soul Kitchen, Birmingham, AL

“Goldens’ Cast Iron has been recognized for their top quality craftsmanship in the 2019 Made in the South Awards.”

Garden and Gun

“I have tons of grills on my patio, but I probably cook on this one about 50% of the time, which puts it in first place on my grill cooking time list”!

Melissa Nichols Cookston, 7-time World Barbecue Champion, Pitmaster, Chef, and Restaurant Owner

“Could this be the killer of ceramic kamados? On this video, I’ll review the Goldens’ Cast-Iron Kamado, and then put it to the test by smoking a 12.83-pound beef brisket. Spoiler alert… This cast-iron kamado is awesome!” – Ballistic BBQ

Goldens’ Cast Iron

Work out. Grill out. Chill out. Goldens’ Cast Iron offers quality American-made cast iron kamados, syrup kettle fire pits, kettlebells and dumbbells that last for generations! Welcome to the Iron Age!

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