Why Cast Iron?

Durable for generations. Food tastes amazing.

Goldens’ Cast Iron award-winning kamado grill is skillfully engineered for durability and superior performance. The cast iron top, bottom, grates, and single-piece firebox make this an outdoor grill that will last. It is mounted to a hand crafted steel frame cart with cast iron wheels. You can’t beat the durability and delicious “flavorability” of American-made Goldens’ Cast Iron that lasts for generations! It may not be the first grill you ever buy, but it will be the last.


Weight Height Width Depth
Cooker 334 lbs 30.25″ 22.5″ 29.75″
Cart 126 lbs 31.5″ 66″ 27.25″
Combined 460 lbs 47.0″ 66″ 29.75″
Cooking Surface : 20.5″
20.5″ Cooker & Table Cart w/Trex® Shelving
20.5″ Cooker & Table Cart w/Stainless Steel Shelving
20.5″ Cooker & Handle Cart
14″ Mini Cooker

Why is a cast iron kamado better than ceramic?

Kamado Features

Superior construction

An American-made kamado grill manufactured by the same complex process used to build massive industrial cast iron parts for national and international companies. We have nearly 140 years of experience.

Increased Durability

Cast iron provides the highest levels of crack and shock resistance.

Superior Cooking Material

Cast iron’s radiant and thermal properties provide even heating and precise temperature control. Everyone knows nothing tastes as good as food cooked in grandma’s cast iron skillet.

All-Weather High-Temperature Powder Coat Finish

Weather resistant thermoset powder coat finish. Prevents rusting and weathering effects.

Integrated Hinge

Precision hinge mechanism ensures top and bottom alignment. Precision cast integrated hinge offers bandless design, closing on a single axle for a perfect seal every time. Other kamado grills require band and hinge maintenance over time to correct lid misalignment.

Dual-Disc Cast

Iron Top Vent Offers accurate temperature control – low and slow or sear.

Stainless Steel Intake

Allows accurate temperature control. Makes ash removal and clean up easy.


Stainless steel full temp range thermometer ±1% accuracy.

A Single-Piece Firebox

The more pieces you have, the more problems you have. Our firebox is one piece, solid iron. Strong. Stable. Durable cast iron.

Trex® Composite Shelving

Weather-resistant shelves are perfect for food prep. Eco-friendly blend of 95% recycled wood and plastic film. Stain resistant and durable for outdoor grilling.

Searing Plate

Used as a flat grilling and searing surface or as a heat deflector for smoking.

Two Tiered Cooking

Reversible cast iron half grates give you the ability to choose both the distance to the fire as well as the width of the cooking surface. In the lower position, the grates provide a wide cooking surface for beautiful grill marks with each sear. The upper position is ideal for smoking and grilling. The purchase of two additional grates adds a tiered-cooking option to your Cooker – perfect for smoking multiple racks of ribs at a time!

Cast Iron Grates

Variable height grates heat up quicker and retain heat better.

Heavy Duty Cart

Holds grill securely and offers mobility.

Cast Iron Wheels

Sturdy construction provides support and easy maneuvering.

Goldens’ Cast Iron

Goldens’ Cast Iron

Proudly Made in the USA

Goldens’ Cast Iron Grates

Goldens’ Cast Iron Grates

Height adjustable

Goldens’ Stainless Steel Draft Door

Goldens’ Stainless Steel Draft Door

Perfect temp control, easy ash removal.

Goldens’ Hinge Box

Goldens’ Hinge Box

Patented Intergrated Precision Hinge

Goldens’ Top Vent

Goldens’ Top Vent

Accurate Temp control (low & Slow or Sear)

Tel-Tru Thermometer

Tel-Tru Thermometer

Stainless steel, full range +/-1% accuracy

Goldens’ Fire Box

Goldens’ Fire Box

One of a kind, single piece cast iron

Goldens’ Cast Iron

Goldens’ Cast Iron

Half Grate & Searing Plate

Goldens’ Cast Iron

Goldens’ Cast Iron

20.5” Cooker & Cart

Goldens' Philosophy

The Goldens’ Cast Iron Kamado Grill and Cooker is built on two beliefs: First, as a 5th generation family business, products should be built to last, just like our company; and second, while life may be fragile, your grill doesn’t have to be. For the past 138 years, Goldens’ Foundry & Machine Company has cast the parts that have helped build America. The Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker will bring your family together for generations to come.

Join the Iron Age!
It all starts with our Goldens’ Cast Iron family of Products!
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