Introducing our new fire pit cooking system! Grill your favorite recipes on your 20 and 30 gallon Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pits! Smoke, sear, roast and bake! Configure your grilling experience anyway you want! Proudly made in the USA!

Choose a bundle.

Includes fire pits and cooking systems!

20 gallon w/Cooking System Bundle

30 gallon w/Cooking System Bundle

If you own a 20 or 30 gallon fire pit:

Click here for cooking system accessories!


The fire pit cooking system should NEVER be used with laser cut stands. The weight of the shelf/searing plate/grates/food might cause fire pit tilting, thereby creating a safety hazard. ONLY use the 20 and 30 gallon Tri-Stands. If you have questions, email us at info@goldenscastiron.com.

Goldens' Cast Iron Syrup Kettle Fire Pits

Backyard Landscape Design

Chill out. There’s nothing better than spending the afternoon or evening around an outdoor cast iron fire kettle, telling stories and enjoying life with family and friends. Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pits really enhances your outdoor, backyard landscape. Serving as a center point both for activity and outside living area design, your cast iron Fire Pit will put the party in your yard!

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