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Questions about the world’s toughest cast iron cooker and kamado grill.

Why Cast Iron?

Since the beginning of the Iron Age, iron has been recognized for its superior strength and durability. Its unique thermal properties have also made it the material of choice for cookware. Goldens’ Cast Iron Cookers capitalize on the enduring strength and even heating characteristics of cast iron to create a kamado grill without equal.

Life is fragile. Your grill doesn't have to be!

Did somebody ask about durability? Unlike ceramic grills, the cast iron kamado is Made in the USA and is built to last. Goldens’ Cast Iron Cookers come with a lifetime guarantee. Our family has been pouring iron and machining castings for five generations. Solid cast iron construction and engineering allows us to truly say that the Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker can go from our fifth generation to yours!

Don’t take our word for it. Ask your Grandma – just watch that she doesn’t smack you in the head with her cast iron skillet for asking stupid questions!

What About Rust?

Rust – heck, what about earthquakes and hurricanes! Mother Nature can be tough, and Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker is up to the challenge. The exterior is covered with a high temperature coating that protects the grill from rust. The interior of the grill will be protected as you use it – by giving all the interior surfaces a fine patina of smoke and flavor. As for hurricanes, properly mounted on our patented hurricane stand, your Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker will be ready to cook when the tide goes out. Earthquakes? We take the shaking and keep on baking or grilling or smoking. 3/8” cast iron walls ensure the weathering of harsh conditions.

It's too expensive!

You get exactly what you pay for. When we say, “The highest quality, always”, we have nearly 140 years of experience to back it up. Our Goldens’ Cast Iron Cookers are top quality, not the typical disposable and fragile ceramic grills on the market. What customers are buying is a well engineered, durable, American made product that never needs assembly, never needs adjustments, and more importantly, never fails. In addition, the thermodynamics of cast iron are far superior to ceramic, giving you a long and consistent burn. So you might balk at what many consider an investment for generations. But one thing is sure. We are never “out of stock”, as many ceramic companies appear to be these days. They can’t seem to get their imported ceramic. We’ve have many happy customers and when people buy Goldens’ Cast Iron, they support American manufacturing, and support American families. We appreciate that very much. Trust when we say, “If you actually see the cooker in person, it will immediately change your mind, as is has with many former ceramic owners”. You’re welcome to visit us or any authorized dealer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Also, we do have a great opportunity for you to pay as you go! We provide easy and affordable financing through our partner, Bread, so you can pay for your purchase over time. Take a look!


Since it’s made out of metal, won’t it get really hot?

Let’s be clear, if you’re grilling over high heat so that you can perfectly sear those t-bones on our cast iron searing plate at 800°, the outside of the grill will be hot – just like it is for all cookers with a grate temperature of 800°! But unless you have both poor judgment and a leaf blower you won’t be upwards of 800° much of the time (seriously, put down the blower). So you’ll need to use the same care you use around any other grill or cooker.

Can you cook in extremely cold sub-zero weather?

That’s a great question.  Our cooker is safe to cook on at the most extreme temps. Our iron is a proprietary blend of ductile and grey iron that allows the iron to flex with extreme temperature shifts, so it won’t crack! See this review from a Goldens’ owner from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin! Youtu.be/XLR3Xy7Qazk

Doesn’t cast iron make it really heavy?

With our engineered spring and hinge design, the 22.5” diameter lid can be easily opened with one hand. How did we do it? One word – Science. We know that usability is just as important as durability. We use our cookers all the time. So we have been designing and engineering with our users in mind.

Getting Down to Details...

  • The Cooker Cart Combo weighs in at 450 lbs. That’s a 330 lb Cooker and a 120 lb Cart.
  • The total dimensions of the Cooker and Cart are 66″ wide, 47″ tall and 27.75″ deep.
  • The available cooking surface is 21″ which gives you 330 square inches of cooking space!

Can I get colors?

First, black is a color. In fact, it’s our most popular color. If you want to ask about a different color combination, you better give us a call.

Is it just good for smoking?

Heck no! It’s versatile!

  • Smoking – Slow cooking at a low temperature is easy. The Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker can hold temperatures for more than 12 hours without having to add additional lump charcoal.
  • Grilling – Just like a traditional charcoal or gas grill, but with the added benefit of radiant heat which means more moisture is retained in the food.
  • Searing – The Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker can easily reach temperatures above 600 degrees. Using the searing plate means you can sear steaks to perfection.
  • Baking – Yes, baking! Anything you can bake in an oven you can bake on the Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker. Anything? Yes… turkey, pizza, cake, chicken, mac & cheese, casseroles, and more.

Is burping rude?

Not when you are cooking on the Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker. When you are cooking at temperatures above 250 degrees, you should burp your Cooker. Simply open up the dome a couple of inches, close, and repeat three times. By burping the grill, you are preventing potential flare ups.

What happens if I don’t burp the Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker?

This really is a safety issue. The trapped heat can quickly exhaust if the grill is opened up too fast. The result can be spontaneous combustion! If you don’t want hair on your arms, however, this can get the job done fast.

Kamado Grill

20.5″ Cooker & Table Cart

Our most popular cast iron kamado grill with Cart Shelving, Integrated Hinge, a Single-Piece Firebox and All-Weather High-Temperature Powder Coat Finish…

20.5″ Cooker & Handle Cart

Our Goldens’ Cast Iron 20.5″ Kamado Grill on a secure and easy to move steel frame cart with handles with All-Weather Powder Coat Finish…

14″ Mini Cooker

Smaller, portable version of its big brother, this cast iron little brother kamado grill, sears, smokes, roasts and bakes too! A travel and tailgate favorite…

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