Kamado Accessories

Goldens’ Cast Iron offers quality kamado accessories.

Ash Removal Combo Tool




34″ Solid Steel Fire Pit Poker




Grate Lift Tool




14″ Cast Iron Grates




18″ Grates for BGE – KJ




20.5″ Cast Iron Grates




14″ Cast Iron Searing Plate




20.5″ Cast Iron Searing Plate




20.5″ Firebox Divider




Premium Lump Charcoal




Goldens’ Grill Cover




Foundry Heat-Resistant Gloves




Stand Alone Cooker Base (20.5″)




Small Grill Mat




Large Grill Mat




High-Temp Gasket (14″)




High-Temp Gasket (20.5″)




Thermometer (14″)




Thermometer (20.5″)




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