Cast Iron Kamado Accessories

Goldens’ Cast Iron offers the best kamado accessories to compliment your kamado grills and fire pits!

Cast Iron Half Grate

Our reversible cast iron half grate accessories offer the ability to choose both distances to the fire as well as the width of the cooking surface. 20.5″ & 14″ sizes.

Cast Iron Searing Plate

This is our Goldens’ Cast Iron searing plate that may be used as a flat grilling and searing surface or as a heat deflector for smoking. 20.5″ & 14″ sizes.

Grate Lift Tool

Our exclusive cast iron accessories include our, spring loaded grate lift tool. The grate lift tool will safely and securely move the cast iron grates for different cooking configurations. The spring loaded grate lift tool works with both the 20.5″ & 14″ cast iron grates.

Hand-Selected Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal

The best 100% all-natural, hardwood lump charcoal available. No fillers, no additives. It’s easy to light and burns longer!

Goldens’ Sweet & Sassy Soppin’ Sauce

A tomato based sauce infused with apple, bourbon and pepper flavors. This medium heat sauce compliments beef, pork and chicken dishes.

Goldens’ Smoking Hot Soppin’ Sauce

Our Goldens’ Smoking Hot Sopppin’ Sauce is a Carolina mustard based sauce. It compliments a variety of beef, pork and chicken dishes.

Indirect Heat Firebox Divider for 20.5″ Cooker

Our cast iron firebox divider plate uses a reflected heat source to grill your food. Simply place the divider in your firebox and fill lump charcoal on one side. The Firebox Divider allows for easy zoned cooking. 20.5″ only.

Goldens’ Foundry Heat-Resistant Gloves

High-heat leather foundry gloves that protect up to 400°F. Sewn with DuPont™ Kevlar® thread. These are the same gloves the foundrymen use down in the foundry and in the finishing room. The heat resistant leather gloves provide excellent protection from the heat of the grill and the foundry. One size.

Goldens’ Cast Iron Weather-Resistant Cooker Cover

Our standard cooker cover protects your kamado grill and cart against rain, snow, sun, dirt, and it won’t crack when it’s cold (The Goldens’ Cast Iron Weather-Resistant Cooker cover is fitted for the full size Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker with Shelves) 20.5″ only.

High-Temp Replacement Gasket

Our replacement gasket allows for proper alignment and heat seal between the bottom and dome pieces of the kamado. Fits 20.5″ & 14″ sizes.

Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker Grill Mat

One of our most popular accessories is our Cooker Grill Mat. Made of extremely durable recycled materials, The Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker Grill Mat is easy to clean setting for your Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker.

Goldens’ Official Pocket T-Shirt

Let everyone know that you have joined the Iron Age! Get your official Goldens’ Cast Iron “Welcome to the Iron Age” T-Shirt. Colors: Black and Gray Sizes: (SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL)

Goldens’ Embroidered Baseball Cap

Our high quality baseball cap has our logo embroidered on the front and “Welcome to the Iron Age” on the back. Size: Adjustable Colors: Black and Gray

Goldens’ Fire Pit Standard Steel Stand

Custom steel stands for our Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pits. The prong heads are angled at a 35 degree angle to safely hold the fire pit. Color: Flat Black Sizes are available for both the 20 & 30 gal size fire pits.

Universal Laser-Cut Fire Pit Stand

Our custom Laser-Cut Fire Pit Stand accommodates both our large and small fire pits. A stylish and attractive addition. Fits any comparable fire pit.

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