18″ Cast Iron Half Grate for Ceramic Cookers

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Problem: Stainless steel and cast iron grates that come with large size ceramic cookers sit flat on the fire box ring, reducing cooking area by roughly 16″. As a result, your cooker loses 30% capacity by direct grilling!

Solution: Our Goldens’ Cast Iron grates for 18″ – 18.25″ cookers expand your cooking surface area by 2 inches, totaling 268.8 square inches for more ribeyes! And our grates have cast iron feet that raise your cooking level by 3 inches, near the felt line, eliminating the need for those cheap, clumsy stainless steel rack systems! Our quality American made cast iron grates fit your large and classic size ceramic kamados!

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Goldens' Cast Iron 18" Grates for Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe


Made in the USA. We produce all Goldens’ Cast Iron products at our foundry and machine shops in Columbus and Cordele, Georgia.

Grate replacements fit 18″ – 18.25″ sizes, such as the Big Green Egg Large, Kamado Joe Classic II, model VGKSS-CC2, and Kamado Joe Classic III, model, KJ15040921, Vision Grill B-11N1A1-Y2A, Vision Grill VGKSS-CC2.

Cast Iron Grate Specs:

  • Width – 18.50”
  • Length – 9.25”
  • Height – 3.00”
  • Weight – 10 lbs.

Most 18″ ceramic cookers only allow roughly 16″ of cooking space, due to the thickness of the firebox.  Goldens’ Cast Iron cast iron grates allows large and classic size ceramic cookers to be a full cooking area by utilizing its full capacity, giving you a full 268.8 square inches of cooking area! Goldens’ Cast Iron Grates turn your kamado into a larger cooker while direct grilling. That means more room for more Ribeye’s!!!

And you don’t need those cheaply made stainless steel rack systems that raise your grates. Our grates have built in feet that are 3 inches tall, raising your cooking area to the top! So not only do you get wider cooking area, you get a much higher cooker area, all in a single set of grates! Oh and we don’t notch our grates. Ceramic kamados notch their half grates to fit rack system, further losing precious cooking area!

Also, our half grates weight 10 pounds, while our ceramic counterparts offer only 8 pounds. Why does size matter? Given the thermodynamics of cast iron, it needs mass to absorb the heat off of lump charcoal. So the more mass, the better heat absorption and retention, giving you that perfect professional sear that you always wanted!

Goldens’ Cast Iron also produces grates for our cast iron 20.5″ and 14″ kamados too! So if you don’t have our quality cast iron kamado, you can have real cast iron grates for your ceramic kamado! Tired of your ceramic kamado? Join the Iron Age!

Grate Tool Sold Separately

Traditional steel grates that come with ceramic cookers sit flat on the fire ring and this reduces cooking area from 18 inches to 15 inches. This means for direct grilling your cooker loses 30 percent capacity.

Goldens grates have legs and raises the cooking surface 2 inches above the fire ring. This allows a 18 inch cooker to become a 20 inch cooker utilizing the opening of the cooker to full capacity which gives you 20 inches of cooking space or 314 inches. The Cast Iron Grate change lets your kamado act like a larger cooker when direct grilling. This allows more room for more Ribeye’s!!!

Our grates have feet that raise the surface by 2 inches, returning your cooking surface to you, giving you that extra inch you always wanted!

NOTE: Be sure to include complete shipping address and phone number to assure accurate and prompt delivery. All sales subject to appropriate sales tax. Once your grates have been delivered, inspect them upon receipt. Your grates will securely shipped in a shipping box. Do not accept delivery if you see any damage to the exterior of your cast iron grates.

Product Reviews

5 reviews for 18″ Cast Iron Half Grate for Ceramic Cookers

  1. Kenneth Davis

    I gotta say. I look like a real player with these Goldens grates. I have whats called a big green egg cast iron cooking grid. Sounds fancy but it just looks like cheap stamped metal to me. Plus you have to put it on the basket riser. Anyway, I also have a what they call a half moon cast iron grate. I thought it was something special until I got my goldens. These grates are really solid and heavy. The real deal! My buddies said they even make my egg look all macho’d up! Like a real grill! Lol! I really love the quality of your grates! And yes, they do raise the cooking area so I got my extra inches! LOL! Thanks ya’ll!

  2. Jonny Simpson

    Boy what a difference. I’ve never understood why I literally have to reach in about 4 inches or more to cook my dinner on my BGE large. You guys solved the problem. Now the grates sit higher and I got my extra inches for sure! lol! I love my cast iron grates and I mean they are real cast iron, not that cheap crap I had before. Thanks Goldens. You guys got it right.

  3. Bill Mahoney

    I owned my old green egg for a few years. It’s about worn out but I’ll keep using it until it breaks. I’ve used the green egg cast iron cooking grid but wasn’t too happy with it. Then I saw the golden’s grates and had to have them! I was really surprised. The picture dont do it justice. They are real solid grates, the way they should be. My green egg version feels thin cheap and flimsily.. Food tastes pretty good on that Goldens too. Makes me want to buy a Goldens kamado. When my egg breaks, I will.

  4. Joe Stenson

    Ya’ll are right about getting more cooking area and inches on my Joe. Before I had to reach in t0 cook but now it’s just about flush with the top. I really love the grates. Theyre’ really solid made and I like made in america. Nice grates I really love them.

  5. Daniel Winston

    Got my goldens grates on my KJ and I love’m!

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American Made Cast Iron Grates

Goldens' Cast Iron 18" Grates for Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe
Goldens' Cast Iron 18" Grates for Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe
18" Cast Iron Half Grate for Ceramic Cookers
18" Cast Iron Half Grate for Ceramic Cookers
Goldens' Cast Iron 18" Grates for Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe
Goldens' Cast Iron 18" Grates for Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe
Goldens' Cast Iron 18" Grates for Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe
Goldens' Cast Iron 18" Grates for Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe

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